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Our Products
  1. Patchouli Soap
    Handcrafted soap made from goats milk, oils and patchouli essential oil
    Patchouli Soap
  2. Watermelon Apricot
    Bath bomb scented with Watermelon Apricot essential oil.
    Watermelon Apricot
  3. Island Breeze
    Glycerin soap made with island breeze essential oil.
    Island Breeze
  4. Paisley Soap
    This is a guest size soap handcrafted with patchouli essential oil
    Paisley Soap
  5. Suncatcher
    Sun catcher made with handcrafted soap slice and jute twine
  6. Monkey Farts
    Glycerin soap handcrafted and scented with Monkey Farts fragrance oil
    Monkey Farts
  7. Peppermint bomb
    bath bomb hand crafted and scented with peppermint essential oil.
    Peppermint bomb
  8. Island Breeze Moon Cake
    moon cake handcrafted and scented with island breeze essential oil.
    Island Breeze Moon Cake
  9. Lemongrass bath bomb
    Bath bomb handcrafted and scented with lemongrass with heart embeds
    Lemongrass bath bomb
  10. Lavender
    Handcrafted hot processed soap with lavender essential oil
  11. Bath Fizzies
    This is the same as a bath bomb, but in granular formThis element represents the description field.
    Bath Fizzies
  12. Patchouli
    Handcrafted hot processed soap with patchouli essential oil
  13. Carrott Soap
    Handcrafted goats milk soap with carrot puree' and lavender essential oil
    Carrott Soap
  14. Coffee Soap
    Hot processed soap with coffee bean embeds and coffee fragrance oil
    Coffee Soap
  15. Honey Almond
    Handcrafted soap with honey, beeswax and almond essential oil
    Honey Almond
  16. Tuscan Herb
    Handcrafted soap with Tuscan herb fragrance oil
    Tuscan Herb
  17. Farmers Market Strawberry
    Handcrafted bath bomb with Himalayan sea salt and strawberry ess. oilDescription
    Farmers Market Strawberry
  18. Lavender Bud
    Handcrafted bath bomb with lavender essential oil and lavender buds
    Lavender Bud
  19. Green Tractor
    Handcrafted soap scented with fresh green grass fragrance oil with tractor embed
    Green Tractor
  20. Orange Blossom
    Handcrafted bath bomb with orange essential oil and dried orange peel
    Orange Blossom
  21. Peppermint Bath Fizzies
    Hand crafted granulated bath salt mixture, scented with peppermint essential oil
    Peppermint Bath Fizzies
  22. Patchouli Bath Salt Fizzies
    handcrafted patchouli scented bath salt mixture
    Patchouli Bath Salt Fizzies
  23. Shadow Box
    Shadow box with a beekeeper theme. This is an actual bee box that a package of bees
    Shadow Box